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Poster: cosmicharIie Date: Nov 5, 2012 8:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: It's time to decide - move forward or fall back?

01. Emulate Other People’s Goals in Life - nope, my goal is for peace of mind
02. Always Follow the Latest Trends - heavens no
03. Buy Expensive Stuff just because it’s From Famous Brands - I deplore buying PR "famous" crap. I usually buy generic and read all labels
04. Hang Out With Mediocre People - pretty much true (define mediocre...other than republicans - lol)
05. Get All Your Information from Mainstream Media - Nope, except for sports, no TV. Mainstream = lying dogs
06. Don’t Stay Too Well Informed - do too! nanana!
07. Adopt the Opinions of the Majority - the dumbed down majority? hell no!
08. Always Obey Authority Figures - nope. But I will comply cuz drama is drama and I hate pain
09. Avoid Disapproval like the Plague - ha! well I'm here commenting...
10. Reject Divergent Ideas by Default - define divergent...conservative? then that prob applies to you
11. Let Inertia Be Your Guide - only when jogging
12. Judge Others Based On Appearances and Stereotypes - no way Jose. I can discern a phoney in a hearbeat
13. If Your Life Sucks, Blame the System - nope, I take responsibility for any suckass life I have, however I despise govt control on my liberties, so Obama sucks too!